Wild-Caught Feeders

Most of the time I use wild-caught feeders for my pet Furrow Orbweaver. If I take a picture and post it to iNaturalist will I need to mark as Captive/Cultivated even if I just got the insect (probably a few minutes ago) from the wild?


Not as long as you put the original location rather than wherever you’re taking the photo. (Although I guess your yard vs. your house probably doesn’t make much of a difference unless you have a really big yard)


Agreed - as long as the original date/time/location is used, it is fine. Since the picture might indicate to some observers that the organism is captive, you could also add a vote for organism is wild yourself preemptively and/or add a brief note/description saying that it was wild caught as a feeder to help avoid any downvotes.


Yup, they’re still wild. I sometimes do stream sampling and bring the water home to look for micro-critters under a good light; I just list the location as wherever the water source actually was.