Is there a shortcut to notify all members of a project?

I would like to write a project journal and tag all project members about the release of the journal, is there a shortcut to do so rather than manually tagging everybody in the content?

I know that the publication of the journal will appear in members’ updates (news feed?), but if people have signed up for many other topics, this notification could easily get lost. Tagging them will, on the other hand, create a notification so people will click and see.

Also, a separate question: is there a way to extract and download the list of current members of a project?

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I don’t think there is a shortcut for tagging all members of a project in a journal post, but someone correct me if I’m wrong about this!

If you go to your project and type /members at the end of the URL, you’ll get the list of everyone who has joined your project. You can then copy/paste into a spreadsheet, add an @ sign before them, and extract a list of names that way. I don’t think you can download this list as a file itself.

Here’s an example: all the members of the 2019 NYC City Nature Challenge Project:

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Thank you Kelly, that is a good solution! It would still be helpful if the site could generate a text list of members rather than the page-by-page breakdown, for a large project it could easily extend to many pages

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