Is there a way to add tags to all my observations without having to go through each one?

I am new to iNat. I wish I had known that adding a tag to my observations at the start would have helped me later using the Filter on the search. I want to see just the dragonflies in my list. But, I don’t have tags.

Is there a way to see a list of my observations and add tags to them without having to go through each observation, click the Edit button, add a tag, save, then onward and onward? Please say that there is.

I added a Feature Request to the other section of the Forums:
I used to use Flickr. A few years ago they added a feature where the Flickr website would automatically add tags to a new image. This would be helpful on iNat. I don’t know how theFlickr programmed that into the code. There has to be some kind of image-evaluation software working there. Or maybe it uses the text in the title and description. But, the technology exists for auto tags to happen.

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@ken_ohio, it doesn’t sound like you need a tag for what you want. The “explore” capabilities should get you where you want to go. Click on the “explore” tab, put “dragonflies” in the “species” field, and then hit “filters” and check “your observations.” More generally, “Explore” is a super powerful way to plumb the database in all kinds of ways. Check out the video tutorial at


Wow. Thanks, JanetWright! I didn’t know about the generic “dragonflies” thing. That’s a BIG help!

Thanks for pointing out that tutorial, too.


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