Is there a way to create a nice lifelist with my own photos, not default taxon photos?

Hi all,

As a heavy iNat user, I have been posting every species of wildlife I encounter and I would really like to enable to see all the species I have observed in taxonomic order with my own photos. Please share if there’s a good way to do this. I am thinking of using Wordpress or making a website if this isn’t possible within iNat.


You could make a traditional project and add your favorite observation of each species then pull up the observations in the project in grid view. You can set a traditional project to only let the admin/curator add observations.


Ah yes! That would work, thank you.
Do you have any idea if it’s possible to order them in taxonomic order?

There is an existing feature request for this with some discussion:


No, with that method you could only order by date observed or date added


I am interested in doing something similar - creating a lifelist for wildlife that I photographed / worked with while I was a Wildlife Rehabilitator. Do you think I could use this traditional project in the same way? The problem that I see, is the observations would be considered “casual”, even though they were/are wild upon entry.

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Seems like a great idea! I might try it out as well.

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you’re more than welcome to upload casual observations and add them to a traditional project to create a list for yourself like this; nothing wrong with that


Observations of organisms on release would be considered casual because the organisms are at a time and place of a human’s (the releaser’s) choosing. Once the organisms have moved on and are free-living, observations of them would be wild, though when exactly this happens would be difficult to ascertain.

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Is this what you want:

Use your ID instead of “jbecky”.

that is still showing us the default taxon photos.


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