Is there a way to find species with taxon geoprivacy other than to search for observations?with tgp?

I would like to find all invertebrate taxa that occur in Florida that have taxon geoprivacy. Searching for observations by adding &taxon_geoprivacy=obscured_private is not quite right as some observations are obscured because of an identification to another species giving the observation taxon geoprivacy even though it’s not that species. The reason that I would like to do this is to get taxon geoprivacy taken off of spp when it’s been unnecessarily applied. There are reasons to keep observations of some spp private, such as cave locations, but there is no evidence that more than a handful of Florida terrestrial/freshwater arthropods are being adversely affected by collecting and obscuring locations unnecessarily does adversely affect conservation efforts.

An individual can only change the geoprivacy of their own observations. There are many reasons why someone would want to set the geoprivacy to obscured, such as “on private property”.
I don’t understand how one would determine that the geoprivacy has been “unnecessarily applied”.

the only way that i think regular users like us can get taxon geoprivacy setups are either through the taxon screen or through the underlying API endpoint.

as far as i know, there’s no way to filter taxa by geoprivacy settings, but that information is included in the API response. so you could get all the taxa you’re interested in broadly, and then parse through their setups to see if any of them would have geoprivacy obscured in your area of interest. it’s potentially a trickier-than-usual thing to do since you might have to do some sort of geospatial filtering.

Thank you. That’s about what I thought but wanted to make sure.

This is about taxon geoprivacy which is applied to all observations, or all observations within a certain state, regardless of whether the observer wants the observation obscured by ca. 30km.

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