Is there a way to limit identification panel to observations with disagreements over a specific taxon?

Is there a way that I can limit the identification panel to observations where at least one person has suggested a particular species, but there is a disagreement?

For example, I am not an expert at grasses, but I can reliably identify certain species, such as Limnodea arkansana. The CV tends to be overconfident in suggesting this species, so there are observations where the original observer went with the CV suggestion and another person has come along and suggested a different species. Right now, I cannot find a way to locate these without doing much broader search for “Grass” or similar, which quickly is unmanageable.

Apologies if this has been answered; I could not find the answer for it. If it’s not possible I wonder if it would make for a good feature request.

This should get you observations where at least one ID is for Limnodea arkansana, but where the current observation taxon is higher than species.


Thanks, what a quick answer. I missed that part of the advanced filter and will definitely be using it in the future to help with species where I’m comfortable on providing IDs.