How to exclude all observations that have been identified to species by one person?

So I know how to limit searches to only species that “needs ID” via the user interface or URLs. However, what if you want to also exclude observations that have one proposed ID. In other words, I would like to limit my search to things that don’t even have a proposed ID to species. I know there is the option &identified=false using the urls, but that will include only things that haven’t been identified to any taxonomic classification. E.g. it would exclude an observation that was identified to “animal” saying its been identified.

i think what you’re describing can be accomplished by looking for low rank = complex (just above species), which translates to an additional “&lrank=complex” in your URL. welcome to the forum.


Open settings on id page and choose the lowest rank>genus.

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Welcome to the forum! In addition to what others have said, you can sort it by unknown observations, that would mean nobody has added any ID, not even a kingdom level ID.

When I’m doing identifications, I work only on the unknowns from 2018 and 2019 as to avoid observers that just haven’t gotten around to putting their own ID’s on . From the ID page click on filters and the click on the leaf with a question mark. This gives you the unknowns. The only other things that show up are when the original poster has put in a placeholder. If I see one of those I add that as the ID and then put in a comment that I got it from the placeholder.

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