Is there a way to search for people by words in their profile?

Some folks put their focus genus/species in their profiles, wondering if there is a way to search them? The people search seems restricted.

No, unfortunately.

There is an existing feature request.

Workaround is to make a journal post
and list the identifiers you want to find again.

You can also use the leaderboard, and filter to location. There you will recognise the taxon specialists who are active and helpful on iNat.

And a heartfelt PS to all - please do put some info on your profile. Beyond the default - I’m a Naturalist!

Please add your vote there


Maybe just use google (or other search engine you prefer)?

for example, by <your keyword>


The google search works!


Usually they will be the top identifier of that species / genus / family

Are you wanting everyone to put their interests/expertise on their profiles only, or are there other things you would like to see on profiles?

Helpful things to include on profile:

Name, pronouns, languages you speak
Interests, expertise, links to journals and external resources on those topics
How you prefer to communicate - tags, direct messages, email?

For example:


What comes first for me - if you ID That species for me.
Is it because you study them?
Are you interested in them?
Or did you simply accept the CV suggestion?

Also where are you based, where is your local knowledge? But I can skim that from your obs (if you have any)

People use online 'nyms and icons of their preferred taxon - so for me pronouns are moot. If you are my trusted identifier of That group I much prefer that you use them for your avatar. But anything is better than the ghostly grey head which offers no clues and leaves no trail for me to remember ‘who was it?’

PS maybe add - where is your back yard? Which state? To indicate where your local knowledge might be.

Short and simple profile text works well too:

For example:

I think it’s mentioned elsewhere, but profile information is only visible on the website, so Android & Apple app users may not be aware of them. I’m sure there are also users who want to protect their identities too and keep a minimal profile on purpose.

Related topic: What to write on your profile


Profiles are viewable in the Android app (or should be), but not iOS. The plan for the new app is definitely to have viewable and editable profiles in-app.

EDIT: I agree it’s important and, since I often use my iPhone to check for new IDs added to my observations, I get frustrated that I can’t see someone’s profile there.


In the Android app, I can view a user’s photo and real name, plus see lists of their observations, species and identifications. But it doesn’t seem that the profile text is viewable on Android.


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