Is there a way to see all observations with a particular ID added, even if it's not the accepted one?

Is there some way to view a list of all observations that have had a particular ID applied to them, even if it’s not currently the community ID? Say, someone IDs a madrone tree as a walnut, a second user corrects it to “Madrone” but no-one else adds an ID so it remains at “dicots”. I’m hoping there’s a way to view all the observations that have had a “madrone” ID applied to them (even if it’s a maverick).

I dont think there is a way to find all observations that have an id of x associated with them, regardless of if they are the accepted consensus or otherwise.

There is a way to see every identification using a particular taxa, but the downside is if observation X has 5 separate identifications of Canada Jay, you will see it listed 5 separate times.

I haven’t been able to find a way to do it either. What I really want is not just to be able to sort for observations that have a particular ID, but ones that have a particular ID made by a particular user. So if I know user X is an expert on taxon Y, I can look for observations where they made an ID for taxon Y, even if the community ID is something else.

Edit: I know how to filter on particular IDs, but I’m interested in filtering on observations with IDs, i.e. through
For anyone interested in filtering on IDs, it’s under, e.g. will give you identifications of taxon 12345 made by user username, regardless of the observation ID.

That you czn do, for example (even if no one in their right mind would call me an expert on anything). For example this shows all cases where I have entered Blue Jay as an Id with no filter on if the community agrees with me

Sorry not a hyperlink, i cant seem to get the paste into the hyperlink dialog to work on a tablet

This is something I’ve wanted as well, so I’ve added it as a feature request (currently pending moderator approval).

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Unless I’m missing something, I’m thinking that the new ident_taxon_id parameter has now addressed this need.

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You are correct! Thank you for the reply, I didn’t spot the other post. I’m excited to try it out now.

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