Is there a way to separate locations?

I usually post pictures from our NY location. I also would like to post pictures from different travel locations. If I keep posting on my regular account, it would just lump all the locations together. How do members handle different locations? All in one account or do you have separate accounts or can you do sub-accounts that will count your total stats but do not blend locations?

You should only have one account on which you post observations and identifications.

If you want to only see your observations from a certain location, you can just use the filters in the Explore page.


Your referring to your stats? Or are you asking how to post observations that have different locations?

And as @zdanko says you can filter your observations on our website. Go to the Your Observations link in the header then you can filter by location. For example, here are the observations I’ve made in Hawaii:


Not sure what you mean by this. Are you not placing your observations at their correct locations individually?


You can use all sorts of filters and projects to separate your stats, your account should have all of your observations and I personally don’t see what is bad about having your travels shown there, it’s the opposite of bad.

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For another example, here are your observations, sabineart, filtered for Iceland:

You can also add tags to your observations to denote certain neighborhoods or places that wouldn’t be found using the Location box, then filter your observations for that tag — xyz neighborhood, abc park.

Also I agree with previous users — 1 account.

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Observations are separated if you filter on e.g. different states like New York or Florida

Observations in New York

Observations in Florida

Observations in Argentinia

Use the filter button:


Very helpful examples:) However, I think you meant to reply to the topic in general, and not me specifically — is that correct? If not, perhaps I was misunderstood and should have included more specific examples.

Ok, so I meant, for example, I could easily add the name of my mother’s farm (as a tag) to all observations taken there. Or the name of my brother’s subdivision (as a tag) to observations taken in his neighborhood. If sabineart is vacationing at a hacienda in Mexico that has good observation potential, for example, in addition to being able to use the Location box to filter out those observations via country/Mexico (or more specifically, such as state), she could also easily add a tag to each observation photographed there with the name of the Hacienda itself. Just an additional option for her to consider, that can be used for very specific places that wouldn’t be discoverable via the Location box. Of course, she could also zoom in on the map and hit Redo, but that’s less accurate if she were to have some observations just outside of the hacienda.

Then, she could filter her observations to show only the ones with that tag, if/when desired, and her stats would only show the stats for that tag/property.


Ah, I guess tagging is really the way, besides using filters… Thank you all, I will post on…

Ok, great! I suspect you already knew this, but just remember, the tag isn’t needed if it’s already an option via the Location box… 1 more example … your stats for the Upper East Side:


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Why would you spend all the time adding tags when filters really do the job? If you don’t wanna fill them in each time – create projects for places.


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