Merging locations

just created pinned location, but have dozens of locations in inat that should be under the pinned one. How do I merge all the other locations?

can you provide us with a screenshot of your pinned location and urls of some locations that should be included?
and what are you interested in doing with these locations?

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I didnt know about pinned locations till a few weeks ago, so I have multiple locations for stuff all in my yard over the last year or two. I think they should all be from one pinned location.

I’m a little confused. As far as I know, each pinned location is independent of the rest. Ate you sure you’re not referring to Places?

Are you referring to the locations of all your observations? I don’t think there’s much need make sure they all have exactly the same location, as long as their locations aren’t inaccurate. Most iNaturalist users’ yards (and really any location that’s had a lot of iNat attention) look like a chaotic mess of observations from the map.

However, if you really want them to all have the same location you can batch edit a couple hundred at a time from


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