Is there a way to turn off auto-addition of observations to a project?

I have started a project to collate information on Dragonflies I’m using in my PhD, but i want to only be able to manually add entries to the project, since i will routinely be observing dragonflies that I’m not going to use as part of my studies (Species i’m not interested in, observations in national parks or just while I’m out on a walk and not ‘working’, or observations of dead specimens)

Is there a way to do this?


Sounds like you’ll want to create a “Traditional” project instead of a “Collection” project. A collection project is essentially a saved filtered search, so you can’t manually exclude individual observations from showing up. The observations just meet the criteria/filters, or they don’t.

The link to create a Traditional project is kind of hidden at the bottom of the new projects page: (last sentence)

More about the differences between project types here:


Thanks, that’s exactly what I’m after but I missed the link!


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