Project creation

Hi folks, I was just curious how you navigate the inclusion/exclusion filters as a project admin.
What I’m trying to do is make a little project for my rarer finds, and things that aren’t described. I’d like to be able to manually add each special find, but I’m just seeing options for autonomy, but nothing to allow manual additions.
Is there a sentence somewhere that I’m missing that says “add manual additions” in some other wording?
On most of the other projects I’m a part of you add your observations yourself and I’d like this one to be that way, but while viewing the observation, I can add it to every project but the one I want.

Did you create a traditional or a collection project? Only the former will allow you to manually add observations


I had it as a traditional project. I only see the option for collection project or umbrella project, but trying umbrella didn’t seem to work either.

Assuming this is your project, you’ve created a collection project; it needs to be a traditional one. The creation link is here:



Oh wow it’s buried like the important part of the terms and conditions lol. Thanks so much! That’s the solution.

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