Is there any way a blocked user can see my observations?

I can’t tell from the iNaturalist description whether there’s a way a blocked user can see my observations, and if so, under what circumstances. According to iNat, blocking another user “removes your observations from their search results. However, … They can still find your observations”.

How can they find my observations if my observations are removed from their search results?


The simplest way would be to log out. You can still search for observations by specific users even if you are not signed in.


If they log out of their iNat account or use a private (incognito) web browsing window, they can use a filter like:


iNat obs and IDs and comments are all Public.
So too are these Forum posts.


So if they’re not specifically searching for me, but searching for observations in a certain area within a specific time frame, mine wouldn’t show up for them if they were logged in? But if they logged out or used a private web browsing window and did the search they would see my observations? But even so, they wouldn’t be able to ID them or comment on them, correct?


IDs and comments can’t be made when logged out, so correct

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They can see you, but can’t engage with you.

What a spectacularly beautiful mosaic - brava!!

Thank you! It was a ton of work, but well worth it. :)

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If you have pictures of your process, drawing, tiles you used, … you could make a journal post.
I didn’t realise from your thumbnail, that it isn’t just another (good) ‘picture of a butterfly’.

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