Is there any way to know who added my observation to a project?

The title is pretty much all there is to know to my doubt. But expanding on it a bit: recently I had one of my observations added to a project. This is great because I am helping someone populate their project.

The thing is, I’d like to know which user added the observation to the project (just out of curiosity). Is there a way to know that? Or are observations added only by the project’s curator? (I don’t believe that my observation was automatically added, due to the nature of the project)

I have no idea how to tell who it was, but I do know that you don’t have to be a curator to add obs by other people to a project. You just need to be a member of the project.


I don’t believe it is possible, the information is not even in the far more detailed JSON data related to the observation which you can view.

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I’ve wondered about this too. You can see who added observation fields, so it would make sense to be able to see who added your observations to projects. I specifically want to know this because I add a lot of observations to a project, and if there’s already one in, I’m curious to see who else is adding it. That could help with outreach. Maybe make a feature request!


I agree that a feature request for this would be nice

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That reminds me…

I know if the project has fields, I can’t fill them out unless I was the one who added the observation to the project, even if I am a project member.
Of course, if the project has no fields, that wouldn’t help.

That’s definitely not the case for the project I add observations too. I can add more fields and I’m pretty sure I can edit them if someone else added the observation, but I can’t delete fields others added (might not be true for all users). But maybe that’s because I’m a project manager?

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That could be. I don’t manage any projects.
But the case I saw was where someone had added an observation (not mine) to a Project I had previously joined. I tried to to fill out one of the empty project fields and could not.

Of course, those are project fields, not observation fields, and I don’t know if you can check who filled those out.

My project is set up so that it automatically collects data from everyone on iNat, but you have to join to become part of it and see the data and posts. I think I could have set it up so that it you (a general user) would automatically have been made a member if you fit the criteria. It seems automatic for sound recordings. Not sure if this helps, but it could be you were auto-added.


It sounds like the OP is talking about the old type of project where obs have to be manually entered. They are not automatically collected based on criteria.

I think he was trying to point out that “project curator” doesn’t necessarily mean an individual added your observations. Like when it says “Project Curator for Audio Observations from Around the World added your observation(s)…” those are automatically added and there isn’t someone adding every observation as soon as it’s uploaded. That confused me a little initially, because there actually isn’t a project curator adding observations (unless you count the project curator setting up the automatic additions as a project curator adding the observations). I think you get the same notification for a traditional project though, where someone did manually add the observation. Maybe it would be helpful to have those worded differently.


Yes, this is what I meant :-) Thanks for clarifying for me!

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