Confused about adding observations to projects

Some projects allow anyone to submit observations:

Yet when I try to add an observation, the form turns red-outlined and will not allow me to do so:

What’s wrong here?

I have the same issue as well.

Did you join it? It’s working fine for me.

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@Marina_Gorbunova’s answer should be marked as the solution.

I looked at Projects under Jason’s iNat profile, and it doesn’t look like Jason is a member of the “Beach finds and Washahore” project.

@jasonhernandez74 , you have to be a member to add obs to projects. That’s why I am a member of so many projects that I have no observations in. I joined them just to add other’s observations.


So, you are saying that the project Terms and Rules page is unclear. Where it says that “anyone” may “submit” observations, that this is not the same as what I am trying to do?

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My understanding based on my experience is that “anyone” in the submission model means “any project members”, as opposed to specific members (project managers, project owners, or just specific people, like in this example) .

Of course, that’s just based on what I’ve seen when I try to add obvs to projects. I could be wrong, and maybe it is broken & joining is a workaround, not a solution.

But based on Marina’s reply as well, I think you have to join. I don’t recall ever (since 2016) being able to add observations to projects I haven’t joined, nor seeing any complaints or bug reports (here or under the old Google group).


You must be a member of a traditional project in order to add observations to it.

Correct. Here are the two options when one is creating or editing a traditional project:


(“Project curators” meaning project curators, managers, or the admin)


Maybe “anyone” could be displayed in the project Terms & Rules as “any member” (or “any project member”), to reduce ambiguity? I can see where @jasonhernandez74 's confusion came in.


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