Possible to filter observations & then add those selected observations to a project?

Is it possible to filter observations - say by a locale - and then add those selected observations to a project? It would be much easier to do it this way rather than have to scroll thru hundreds or thousands of observations looking for those that would be specific to a project.

Your own observations, or from other users ?

You can find them using the curator tools. I was wondering as well if it was possible to add obs (by other people) to a project as a batch.

No,there is no tool or means to batch add records from other users into a project. Your own, you can do it, but not from others.

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Thanks. Is there a guide I could share with people to show how to batch add their own observations to the project since I can’t do it for them?

Not sure if there is a guide, but you can add your own via the Edit Observations link under your user icon.

Alternatively, there is a link that says something like ‘Find My Observations’ on the project page itself (note this only applies to traditional projects, you dont add records to collection projects, they are automatically added) if the user has joined the project.

I’m asking for a traditional project that I curate for a nature preserve. There are a lot of people joining the group because they are fans of the preserve. They don’t always remember (or don’t know how) to add their new obs to the project. Some of them have quite a lot needing to be added. Adding them all individually myself is a pain (literally, carpal tunnel :grimacing:). I’m trying to find the easiest way to explain batch editing to them.

Sounds like a collection project limited by members-only, place, and optionally time would make this easier. Then everything would be added automatically provided each contributor becomes a project member.

It wouldn’t work as a place for several reasons so collection type can’t be used. This was discussed and decided by the board before I joined as a curator.

PS I add obs from non-members very often. Usually people who aren’t from the area and only visited once.

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