Is there some API identification request (without creating an observation)?

I would like to test the iNaturalist AI and compare it with similar services.
To this end, I need to send images and get the suggested species. Moreover, I want to test what parts/how many parts of the organism are required to get a good ID.
I think it would not be good practice to create duplicate observations (one with a blossom, another one with the leaf of the same flower, a third one which includes both parts, etc). Also, it could (though unlikely) affect the results. Hence, I wondered whether there is some type of API request similar to the “Seek” app, i.e., some option to only send images (and date/location information) and to receive the top suggestions of the iNat AI.
(How) is this doable?

There’s the Computer Vision Demo page:

You can give it images and it’ll make suggestions, but you don’t have to make an observation.

There’s more info here:

Is that sort of what you’re looking for?


There are a group of papers that have done similar studies, so you could check their methodologies. You can also check them for what not to do in terms of evaluation for pitfalls to avoid, such as this comment on a recent paper:


Kind of. But I was hoping I could automate the process via some API that I could use in a Python script. (Maybe some type of request I missed when reading through the API docs, or some workaround.) That way it would be easier to upload, e.g. 300 images over night and to store the responses for later evaluation…

staff response:


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