Is this a bug? Inconsistent endangered status

This observation indicates that this taxon is critically endangered in California. However, clicking through to the taxon page, there is no indication that this is actually the case.

I checked the Inventory of Rare and Endangered California Plants, and this plant is not listed. It’s also not on the IUCN Red List, which is–I think?–the source that iNaturalist uses for identifying endangered species. FWIW, wikipedia also calls this a common plant.

Seems like a bug?

A feature of taxon changes is to transfer some of the associated details of the input taxon into the output taxon such as common names and conservation statuses. A conservation status from CNPS for Plagiobothrys nitens was added to P. scouleri when this taxon change was committed.

Cassi’s response explains why this status is showing up for P. scouleri when it shouldn’t, so someone needs to edit / remove that status.

I am currently seeing threatened statuses under the “Status” tab at, so there is indication that they’re endangered. If you’re referring to the red bar that sometimes appears at the top of the taxon page, that only appears when there’s a global threatened status, or when a threatened status appears within scope of your default search place. My default search place is California and I see

but if I sign out I don’t see that, b/c there’s no reason to assume someone who isn’t specifically interested in California would care about California-specific statuses.