Conservation status showing on taxa status tab that does not appear when editing taxa

On the species page here :

under the status tab is an entry from the WA Dept. of Conservation

When you go to edit the species, the entry is not listed (I added the Atlas of Living Australia one trying to resolve a flag, and of course on there at the time saw no entries, then when I checked back on the page, saw this other one)

UPDATE - there is clearly something else going on behind the scenes here. I just added this brand new taxa :

When I added it, I added the conservation status again from the Atlas of Living Australia. When I look at the page, the WA Conservation Department entry is there again on this one, which I certainly did not add, and again does not show when going into edit the species.

In this case, there’s a genus-level conservation status that is applied to all species in the genus, but you can’t see that unless you can edit the genus Ptilotus.

Since conservation statuses for taxonomic units broader than species are unusual, we don’t currently have a way to include a display of that information on the taxon page. Not exactly a bug, but not ideal either.

Editing to tag @peggydnew as our primary contact for iNaturalist Australia, FYI.

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That’s exactly what I was trying to resolve, there is an active flag about the genus level conservation status. Given that the are 50+ species of the genus found in Western Australia, and only 25 of them have designated conservation status, the genus level obscuring was hiding things that were not needed.

I was adding species level entries to manage this but saw this, and stopped unsure what was going on. I guess I need to continue that now.

FYI - I removed the genus level record, I agree, it is not optimal how this displays.

Just found the flag and I think the conversation about this specific situation can continue there. I agree that the genus level status is/was covering too much in this case.

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I’ve had a similar issue with subspecies vs species level statuses (still unresolved).