Is this Project set up correctly/active?

After viewing a wonderful webinar (at PA Botany), “Implications of Climate Change for Invasive Species,” presented by Dr. Bethany Bradley (, I am really interested in learning which invasives are already within my state and anxious to view data pertaining to future activity.

I searched the Projects and found one, Invasives of Pennsylvania, administered by @epstejb16.

After viewing its Requirements, I wonder if the Community can offer me some clarification…

Is the project pulling in every plant in Pennsylvania? I am not super knowledgeable about setting up a Project, but it looks like it’s simply collecting all obs marked Kingdom Plants?! Shouldn’t it be narrowed to the Introduced species?

Also…is it suspicious (not in a TV mystery sort of way…just in a, Hmmm? way) that the Admin created it and has not returned to iNaturalist since December 2018?

In other words…should I assume this Project is inaccurate and perhaps attempt to create a new one?!

Projects are controlled by the project admins, site staff and curators can’t help with anything related to specific projects unless it goes against the Community Guidelines, so yes, your best bet here is to just make your own project.



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