Can new Traditional Projects still be created?

I’ve read through the help around creating a new project, which mentions a link in the last paragraph of the project start page - I can’t find such a link.
I have 50+ observations, so I should meet the requirements. Have new Traditional Projects been eliminated? The help sounds like I should still be able to create them.

If case there’s a better way, here’s what I’m trying to do. There is a group of people that have been recently trained by our state botanist on how to do Delaware Forest Habitat Assessments. Identifying species in various sample areas across the state is part of the assessment. The group wanted to use iNaturalist to get help from each other (and from others) to help with identification. So, the project would not have any set location, but it would have only specific people’s observations - but, not all of their observations, only their observations while doing a Forest Habitat Assessment.

Seems like this can only be done with a Traditional project, but I can’t see how to do that. Any help or info would be appreciated.

Yes, new traditional projects can still be created. This screenshot is from the project page, the last sentence contains a hyperlink. Are you able to view this?


All, or nearly all, of your observations are “casual” grade because it seems as though you marked them as not wild (eg Keep in mind that the requirement is 50 verifiable observations. So you have not met the requirement.

Were those plants not wild plants?


Oh thank you both. I did not realize the observations couldn’t be casual, so I now I know I didn’t meet the minimum of 50. And that last paragraph didn’t show for me, probably because I didn’t meet the minimum. (Hopefully it will appear once I really have 50.)

Yes, most were casual. I have many native plants in my yard and decided to have iNaturalist help me confirm their identity, while getting my 50. I hope that was ok, I was rushed for time and wanted to get the project set up and thought native plants would be ok.

I’m so glad I know how to proceed. I’ll be spending next week in Shenandoah National Park, so I’ll get observations there. Thanks again.


If you can say, this one is reseeding - then that counts as wild. But put a copypasta note for identifiers - volunteer seedling, whatever. Also volunteers, cosmopolitan weeds or wildflower volunteers, on your verge or a neighbourhood walk. And then any supported biodiversity, insects spiders lizards birds fungi … everything you ‘didn’t plant’ counts as Wild.

As a side note, you may be interested in joining this project. It is currently quite young and small, but it would be interesting to see more growth!

Oh, excellent - there are some volunteer seedlings. I’ll review and update the appropriate observations.

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Make a project for your garden and join in here

Well, I went out to the local nature preserve and got 50+ verifiable observations, there was a time delay - but the paragraph showed!! I’ve got my project setup.
:grinning: Now I just have to get my team on board.

thanks again, I couldn’t have done it without you.


The inability to build a project around casual grade observations seems like a flaw to me. If we are allowing casual observations to be made, then users who want to make a project studying cultivated plants, for example, should be able to do so. Otherwise, why are we allowing casual grade observations in the first place?

You absolutely can make a project with cultivated plants or observations that are casual for other reasons.

You can build a project around casual grade observations, but your account itself needs at minimum of 50 verifiable ones. 50 is not really that many and it is a good way to have users learn how to use the site before attempting building a new project, which they can then add casuals to if they want.

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