Search not filtering by term_value_id=

I suspect that I am doing something wrong, rather than this being a bug, but I’m not certain.

I am trying to download all the observations taken within Sugarloa Ridge State Park that have been annotated as flowering, budding, fruiting, or not-flowering, including those annotations. As discussed elsewhere, the download function does not allow for download of annotations. The work around is to search for observations that have each of those annotation separately, then download each of those searches as a separate csv. I have tried that, bu find that adding the term_value_id= terms to my URL has no effect on the observations returned. For example, for both
I get 13,097 observations returned. There are annotated observations within these results, but most of them have no annotation. I have tried refreshing, new tabs, etc. to no effect.

Can anyone please point out to me where my mistake is?

you need to include “term_id” too to which the “term_value_id” applies:


Thank you @reiner! I greatly appreciate the help.

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