James River Park, Richmond, Virginia, US has the wrong Boundaries

James River Park, Richmond, Virginia, US has the wrong Boundaries. It’s possible, that I created this years ago and found no way to edit it. Can we edit it or does it have to be deleted and recreated?

When you search the place name and its page opens, on the right, under the map should be a button to edit it, if it was created by you.

Otherwise you should find a kml file to replace the automatically created map.

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you can edit it, but sometimes it’s easier just to replace it. Every time you tweak the boundaries, and save, then go back in and tweak again, it has to re-index everything inside the combined boundaries, and staff and users will soon notice it (Massive performance impact)…

As Marina suggests, edit the place on the right hand side, and then in the edit page half way down on the left hand side should be a link to upload a replacement kml. Make sure you have the boundaries set as best you can before doing that though, so that the reindexing only has to happen once.

Also spare a thought for whether it does in fact need to be corrected… fair enough if yes, but a hugely impactful change simply for the sake of “being correct” when it doesn’t affect anyone adversely to leave it, might be better left …


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