Jill Biden's Dress

Was anyone else as bowled over as I was at Jill Biden’s inaugeration dress? Who can embroider such detail into all of the species of flowers? She says each flower took 2-4 hours to embroider… wow! I’m hoping I can see it in the Smithsonian some day.



Totally has zero to do with the dress or with nature talk, but speaking of the inauguration I thought Amanda Gorman’s poem was a great highlight.


If you want to really know what it means plants and animals in embroydery, you should go through traditional Chinese embroydery. Any other fades hopelessly in comparison. Even better - visit Hongkong museums and antique stores one day and see them in reality.


Just a reminder that #nature-talk (and the forum in general, really) is not a place for discussing politics, so please refrain from politics here.


I like the symbolism of the dress: the state flowers of each state, representing that the United States is just that – a country formed by uniting very different states. From thirteen separate colonies, to the piecemeal addition of a few new states at a time – I know that is different from some other nations that are made up of states.

And that states choose a state flower, state bird, and so forth speaks of people’s longing to have nature around them. Our politics have always been contentious (that is inherent in government of the people, by the people, and for the people), but people across the political spectrum can appreciate a flower or a bird.


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