Journal editing - maximum entry length changed?

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I had a journal entry that was around 13,000 characteres long including some simple html formatting. It has been there for a while. Today I tried to edit a paragraph to include some additional text and found that I couldn’t. In edit mode it was not possible to change anything. So I cut and paste the text into notepad, made my changes, and pasted it back. Every time I try that the text is truncated to 5010 characters. The behaviour has changed recently. Many of my posts are over 5,000 characters and it seems if I try to edit any of them I will lose them. What is going on?

Step 1:
Go to my journal page and select an entry

Step 2:
Try to edit the content over 5,000 chars as simple text - and can’t

Step 3:
Save the content, or paste longer content and it is truncated.
Save content
Now lost most of original post.

This was unintentional and will be remedied.


I’m surprised I didn’t spot the earlier post. Apologies for duplication.

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OK - I missed it because that refers to comments on observations which I assumed was a different category of object, and rarely requiring > 5000 characters, unlike journal posts.
I’m guessing this this related to the recent introduction of the in-line formatting tool, which is great, and should be added to the journal entry editor.

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You might be referring to this post. There’s also this one too. But yeah probably related to the new update (which was a very nice surprise).

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