Remove new 5000 character limit for journal posts

Hi all,

I’ve just failed to save journal post due to new limitation of 5000 symbols per one post. That’s really pity. I was enjoying writing and coding long posts with diverse stats in the journal of my project (like this

As you can see, there are some html user-friendly tables. Our members are really proud to be tagged there. My colleague Konstantin Romanov made special converter to create these sort of tables The code for them is really bulky.

Also, bilingual posts are becoming really very short in this situation.

I think that some project managers could also give some feedback for this newly established limitation. If after some discussion 5K limitation is considered to be unwanted, I’m kindly asking you to postpone this newly established feature.

I wish to postpone this new feature as well, since I enjoy writing comprehensive posts regarding how to identify frequently confused species (e.g. P. grandiflora and P. psycodes). In a week or so, I intend on writing a very long post explaining the differences between P. huronensis and P. aquilonis, which are a source of confusion and frustration for many users. My identification resource describing the morphology of the purple fringed orchids was just over 5,000 words, and this (and subsequent posts) would definitely exceed that limit.

Edit: follow this link to see my largest existing identification post. As I mentioned earlier, I plan for making new additions a fair amount larger.


Me too, I haven’t written many posts yet but I would certainly like to in the future and a 5000 character limit would certainly hamper that.

@nathantaylor this may be of interest to you

This was a mistake, and the limit will be removed, so I’m going to close this request.