Journal posts formatting for mobile users

Hi, I’ve written a few journal posts for a project but notice that the formatting looks ok on a desktop computer but very bad when viewed on a mobile phone. Are there any solutions to this problem? Thanks

Are you referring to journal posts on the website when viewed on a mobile device? If the iNaturalist app, is it Android, iOS, or both you’re experiencing issues with formatting? Some examples and screenshots would be great to help troubleshoot.


I’m referring to viewing journal posts via the iNaturalist app on an iOs device. The post comes up as a giant block of text without any spaces, making it hard to read. thanks

Can you please provide a screenshot or two of what you’re seeing?

Here are instructions for how to take a screenshot on several types of devices:

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Hi, here is an example:

The journal post on the computer has spaces and a list of bulleted numbers, but on my iphone it looks like a big chunk of text.

ps. I can’t tell if that image will come through. If not, please advise on how to insert images in the forum. thanks!


If anyone has solutions to this issue, please let me know. thanks!

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