Journal Entry Marked Spam

Please fill out the following sections to the best of your ability, it will help us investigate bugs if we have this information at the outset. Screenshots are especially helpful, so please provide those if you can.

Platform (Android, iOS, Website): Wesbite

Browser, if a website issue (Firefox, Chrome, etc) : Edge

URLs (aka web addresses) of any relevant observations or pages:

Screenshots of what you are seeing (instructions for taking a screenshot on computers and mobile devices: " This has been flagged as spam"

Description of problem (please provide a set of steps we can use to replicate the issue, and make as many as you need.): I was editing a post to tag someone and when I submitted my edit, it got marked as spam and I’m not sure how to resolve it so that my project’s journal post is visible again. Sorry if this is the wrong forum category.

I’ve resolved the flag as the post isn’t spam. For flags on iNat, it’s best to comment on them there to explain the issue.

The flag shows the flagger as “iNat” - I’m not sure why the post would have been automatically flagged by iNat, so I’ll leave this Bug Report open so someone can maybe take a look at that and make sure that behavior is expected.


“For flags, it’s best to comment on them there”

I’m not sure where I could have commented or where to find flags. Is there a place to see where spam reports against me are collected?

I was making a lot of edits and tagging a lot of people so I could see where something could’ve been alarming to spam detectors. Thank you for the fix and information!

For things that are flagged on iNat, they usually show a statement that they are flagged somewhere on the page and have a link to the flag, though the location and exact language vary with the type of flag that it is (so that’s not very helpful, I know).

This is the flag for your post:

Maybe non-curators can’t see journal post flags or something, not sure.


For future reference, to find all flags on a user’s content, go to the flags page ( In the filters box, set “Flagger” to “any,” put the username under “Content Author,” set “content type” to “All,” check all the boxes under “Reason”, and set “Resolved” to “any,” then click “Filter.” This will return something like this:✓&flagger_type=any&flagger_name=&flagger_user_id=&user_name=ffaquarium&user_id=66853&flaggable_type=all&deleted=any&flags[]=spam&flags[]=copyright+infringement&flags[]=inappropriate&flags[]=other&reason_query=&resolved=any&resolver_name=&resolver_user_id=&commit=Filter&utf8=✓


Very helpful- thank you both @cthawley and @twainwright

edit: and sorry for not initially including a screenshot that would have shown there wasn’t a s link to the find the flagged report- It would have been helpful but I was too lazy to screenshot the webpage since it was only showing the six words “This has been flagged as spam”

All content by accounts with fewer than three RG observations are scanned by Aksimet, the spam filter iNat (and many places, like the forum) uses. So this journal post would have been scanned and I suspect the various link probably tripped up the spam filter.


I see; not having enough RG observations affects the profile’s visibility too, so I’ll be sure to let the account owner know to get the profile established a little more. Thanks to everyone for your assistance and explanations. I know it’s a busy time so I really appreciate your help with my tiny little blips!

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