Trouble using observations in a journal

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Step 1: I made a new journal entry

Step 2: The menu of observations from which I could choose to make part of the journal does not include the latest observations I have posted. It ends with those from a few days ago.

Step 3:

screenshots of exactly what you see would help others understand your situation a little better.

Thank you for your interest. This is what I see on Sept 19. The most recent observation that I can associate with the journal entry is from Sept 15. The twenty or so observations that came later, including the one I want to use, do not seem to be clickable-on


also, i don’t see 20ish observations from you that came after September 15th in the system: it looks like you make observations using your iPhone via the iNat app. it’s possible you have observations in your phone/app that you have not actually loaded to iNat’s servers. so you want to make sure you get any such observations uploaded/synced.


Thank you very much. I was wrong that there are 20ish observations after Sept 15, but there are some. The observation I wanted to use had a photo made in August, though the submit date was later. I will review the observation dates and submit dates and get back to you if I’m still having trouble.

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The list that came up from the link you sent has the observation I want to use (183133726 with the taxo vascular plants). That observation shows under my observations also. Yet it does not come up on the list of observations that can be associated with the journal entry. That list seems to be ordered by submission date, descending. I went back to early September and can’t find it.
I’m sorry to trouble you, but how can that observation be found and moved into the list to be chosen from?

Great! I found it by scrolling back to Aug 17, the date the lead photo was taken. I had assumed the sorting was on submission date, but clearly it’s by the date that the first photo was shot. Thank you for helping me. We have a solution.

Does your obs include photos from various dates? Should be separate obs for separate dates.