Language choice

I am setting up an umbrella project for my company to use to compare biodiversity on our six sites around the world. I’ve already set up six collection projects with different names, and connected to different Places, and will link them to the collection projects soon. I can’t seem to find an answer to this one in any of the forums.
Some users will be using Android phones, others iPhones to operate the app. I use the website to do the admin work. So I need to know:

  1. How to set up multiple language choices in the ‘back end’ of a project? For example, two sites need to be able to choose French or English, and one, English or Arabic. There doesn’t seem to be an option for this in ‘Edit Project’.
  2. How would each user choose a preferred language on their device for the app? It seems quite easy for iPhones (according to the Forum) but I can find no references for Androids; my Android phone doesn’t have an option to choose a language to interact with iNaturalist, as it seems iPhones do.

This is a ‘nice to have’ for our Arabic speaking colleagues, but the French speakers are upset that it’s set up in English; many don’t speak it (my French is abysmal; I can read it but not easily write it or speak it). It’s a deal breaker for them and is currently preventing us gathering biodiversity data from our second biggest site. Please help.

Languages aren’t a setting for projects, but rather the whole platform. Which version of the Android app are you using? Under Settings, there is an option for changing the app language. It should default to using whichever language the phone it set to, but can be changed.


We managed to work our way around it, and I tried using Google Translate to set up the Croatian group by converting from English to Hrvatski. A very nice lady there replied to me in Croatian, which of course I immediately Ctrl-C’d and pasted into Google translate - and her meaning came across crystal clear. Google translate is rubbish at translating English into other languages, but great at going the other way. A bit like English schoolboy French, as I can attest! At least I know enough French to correct Google’s biggest bloopers.

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