Select language for common names


An initial selection of locale should auto-populate the common names language. I would imagine it would then first prioritize the common name language (aka “lexicon”) and second prioritize the place.

Common name place should only be necessary to assign when there are conflicts between areas that speak the same language but use different names. It shouldn’t be necessary to enter the place in every time, i.e. as is now, for languages the website isn’t translated into, or for people who speak one language but prefer to use common names in a second language.

This is an important setting to further iNat’s mission among an international audience. All language settings should be available online and on the mobile apps.

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I 100% support this feature request, but I have reached the limit for my votes.



Unfortunately i do not oversee this feature. It is not possible that there are 152 lists (English, German, Dutch, Danish, Luthian, Estonian, French, Spanish as there are 152 languages) and one just can choose one of those language lists ? ) which you can download for offline use on your mobile ? And than skip the location or you make an separate English-Canadian, English-UK and and English-Australian list.

At least it was not pleasant to have an italian list when i was in italy.

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In Germany the Android app does not give german names. But you are talking about the iOS app?

Sorry, I don’t understand the above two responses. When I change my (Android) phone language to German, I see German common names in the iNaturalist app. When I am in Italy, since my phone language is usually in English, my phone displays English (US) names, not Italian names.


This topic is about adding a feature to select your preferred common name language — separate from the language your phone, computer browser, or iNaturalist website settings.

If you have a question or bug report, please make a separate topic (or continue the one at this link, if relevant). thanks

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I agree with this feature request 100%. I’m Finnish, but prefer to use English as system language because it’s jarring to me to have to look at incompletely or machine translated apps. Plant names, however, I definitely want to see in Finnish.

(Even better if I could specify which additional languages to show: for example Finnish, Swedish, English and Latin for each species. But that’s another topic.)


As far as I know, there is no machine translation of any kind done on the iNat apps, the translations are entirely done by crowd-sourced human volunteers.

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I agree, sometimes i want to select more than 2 languages…and i would prefer a downloaded local regio specific (country, language) species list to improve speed. And due to the length i would split it into groups because fungi and wasps/beetles are so long it would be nice to exlude them)