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In a Okavango Commission ( meeting I suggested that they should use iNaturalist as one platform for collecting species occurrence data. However one of the member states (Angola) speaks Portuguese whilst the others speak predominantly English. Do the Angolan members link to the network or is there a way that they can select their language of preference on the mother network?

Thank you in advance.

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Also can you use the app in Portuguese? Or does BioDiversity4All have an app?

On the website there is an option to switch languages. It is a green button on the bottom of each page, next to the California Academy of Sciences / Nat geo logos


Fantastic! Thank you. And on the apps - can you also change the language?

I have the Android app, so I just checked.
It looks like yes, you can (to a point). I don’t know if it the same for the iOS version:

You go to the gear and choose settings.
The default option is “Use device language options”. I presume your users would have their devices set to Portuguese, so that should take care of that.
If they don’t, however, there’s only a few languages you can select from:


The mobile app inherits and automatically runs in the language the mobile device is set to run in, so if their phones are set to Portuguese that is what they get.


Thank you so much for the help. That is fantastic!

Much appreciated.

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