Leap Year Observations!

Happy Leap Year/Day everyone! It’s officially February 29th (and has come and gone for others), and I want to see if anyone has some cool observations to share from now or any past leap-days! Here are some I took today


I wish. Winter came back for one last hurrah today.


There was a brown lacewing near my front door last night. I could have recorded some bird songs today, if I had thought about it earlier.

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Thankfully it was pretty warm for me! it was a mix of rain and snow the day prior which had me a bit worried!

We live in northern USA, where it’s supposed to be winter, but had a Yellow-rumped Warbler (could have overwintered; they’re adapting), Turkey Vulture and Sandhill Cranes on Leap Day!
The Warbler: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/200859526


Yesterday I went out specifically for ferns and got 5 lifers! Our last cold front went by last week, so now were “enjoying” 80s and humid.


Dang! I didn’t think to go observing… Now I’ll have to wait Four Years for another chance at Leap-day Obs!

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I didn’t do any iNatting, but I did go out for Grinnell journaling. On Leap Year Day, I noticed the first flowers on the callery pears, and that the fruits on the “autumn” olives had finally ripened (after the bushes flowered in the fall).

Sorry to be such a bummer with the invasives.


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