Lets play the Tautonyms game!

oh hey, has anyone said Cossus cossus yet

Eurasian Eagle Owl: Bubo bubo
-European Eagle Owl: Bubo bubo bubo

Buffy Fish Owl: Ketupa ketupu
-Ketupa ketupu ketupu


The closest to ‘almost a tautonym’ I encountered so far would be the Roseate Spoonbill:
Ajaja ajaia, (now in genus Platalea)

Both by visual appearance of the name and by pronunciation (except when trying to read it in Español :smirk:)

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The trinomial is platinum level. Domestication weakens the standard. :grin:


here are some seashells

Mechanaria mechanaria the northern quahog
Anatina anatina the smooth duck clam
Gemma gemma the amethyst gem clam
Littorina littorina the common periwinkle
Modulus modulus the atlantic modulus

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Velella velella, a beautiful cnidarian

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I see what you did there. :rofl: :joy:

In keeping on topic: Chloris chloris chloris


Musca domestica domestica
Amanita muscaria muscaria
Pyrops maculatus maculatus
Penthicodes caja caja

And here are some more:

Pyrilla abberans abberans
Pyrilla perpusilla perpusilla

I will come up with some more.

Phellinus ignarius ignarius
Metcalfa pruniosa pruniosa
Leucoprinus birnbaumii birnbaumii

What was abberans crime? Or not aberrant?

Actually, there is a species of Pyrilla named P. abberans, which has more than 5 subspecies. One of this is P. a. abberans. You can check the taxon on FLOW Hemiptera databases.

Surely any species that has subspecies must have one where the species name is repeated. It is called the nominate subspecies.


To check this, I just looked up Gorilla gorilla, because that seemed like one of the most likely species to be an exception. Your statement holds up – it was originally Troglodytes gorilla, because it was classified in the same genus as the chimpanzee. That led me to investigate the chimpanzee, because if Troglodytes was once the genus, that would lead to another tautonym, Troglodytes troglodytes. You are still correct, though, because although that was at one time the chimpanzee’s name, it was a revision from the original name of Simia troglodytes.


For Orthoptera :cricket:, only three examples come to my mind:

  • Ephippiger ephippiger
  • Conocephalus conocephalus
  • Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa

Grapsus grapsus! A crab :crab:

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I thought it was type subspecies.

One of my favorite birds: Xanthocephalus xanthocephalus, the Yellow-headed Blackbird.

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Muntiacus muntjak, a species of deer

Puma pumoides, an extinct cat species that was apparently related to the puma

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Damn, I was going to add that one!

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