Observations vs. Download (reviewed=true | verifiable=any)

Hello all,

I’m comparing my downloaded observations to the number appearing in the URL below and there are a number of discrepancies. I was wondering what the reason is for ‘apples’ as an example.

The following two sightings are showing up when I search for the following:


The following observation appears in my download but not in the URL request above. Here’s the URL I use for downloads:


I can’t tell what the reason for this is and if the following URL (same as the URL near the top of the email) can be modified to include all 3. I read the wiki for creating URLs but may’ve missed something:



the Observations Search / Explore page filters for verifiable=true by default. so if you don’t add &verifiable=any to your second URL noted above, it will not return verifiable=false (i.e. casual) observations.


@pisum Thanks for the tip! I’ll give it a try today …

The download came through and I repopulated the spreadsheet and the same situation is occurring. With ‘apples’ as an example there are still two in the following URL:

… and the download still has three. Verifiable=any was always in the URL where there are 2 observations and I recently added Verifiable=any in the downloads. It looks like the URL above which always had Verifiable=any is not getting the 3rd observation and the URL for the download which always had the 3rd observation gives the same numbers (3) with verifiable=any or not.

Here’s a screenshot of the download blurb to show what I requested.

This is a minor issue but I’ve always looked for a reason why this is happening.


in the first query, you you’re using reviewed=true but in the second query, you’re using ident_user_id=nycbirder. if you want them to be equivalent, just make sure you’re using the same parameters.

usually, if you’ve made an identification on an observation, that action should automatically set reviewed flag = true, but you can always go back and uncheck that flag and keep the identification.

@nycbirder i see that you’ve started a couple of new threads that are probably related to this thread. it’s probably best to just continue the discussion here rather than adding a bunch of extra threads:

regarding the second link from above, if you’re starting from a URL, take that URL, and then navigate to that URL in your browser. if you’re first going to the export screen and then pasting your URL into the gray box in section one of that page, you’re probably doing something wrong. you can paste a list of parameters+values into that box, but it’s not intended to accept a whole URL in it.

regarding the first link from above, i won’t have a chance to look at this in detail any time soon, but it’s possible that the reviewed parameter is intended to be used in conjunction with a user_id or possibly some other parameter to let it know who the reviewer is. so i would see if you can find a companion parameter for that maybe (or else use an alternative to reviewed).

@pisum Thanks for the response. I didn’t feel I was communicating my issue on this thread as the answers here weren’t getting me any closer to an answer. At one point it worked consistently … then the same exact steps stopped working.

There’s another thread where I simplified the question and a response there matched what I’m experiencing.

Please feel free to close this thread at any time. Thanks.