Life Hacks for naturalists

I modified Bushnell Trail Cameras and mounted them to downward facing brackets to make virtual pitfall traps. I was initially going for rodents in an inventory I was doing, but eventually “caught” rabbits, squirrels and multiple bird species.


Examining small flower parts of grasses, sedges & rushes (esp. dry) under a hand lens or dissecting scope used to be frustrating as they flip and fly and disappear. Then I discovered self-closing forceps. They act as a tiny vise. I also keep handy a piece of card that is half white and half black, as some seeds, flowers, etc. show up better with a dark background.


That’s what my first though was - two cameras. Are your friend’s two camera bodies the same quality? Oh, and are the clips available at camera shops? Every time I stoop to look, the sling camera falls down!