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King Phil Came Over For Grape Soda

I learned it as “King Phillip Came Over For Group Sex”, lol.

Someone in one of my high school science classes came up with “Kiss Professor Clump Over Fat Gummy Stomach” and… Well it’s unique enough that I remember it 14 years later lol :)

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Get a Raynox macro lens. They have a universal fit so should work with just about any other lens. They attach to your std lens with a tension spring so to take it off you just pinch the release buttons (almost like a peg) and its off in a second. I dedicate one super clean pocket with a microfibre cloth in it as the spot to just shove the lens when I have to move fast. Great value for money, I can’t recommend them highly enough.


Another cable tie/ zap strap/ zip tie fix for our binoculars. The strap on the binocs kept coming undone to the point almost dropping them. Likely they were not threaded correctly but these cable tie brakes will help.


That sounds a lot better than the turpentine I was often forced to wash my hair with as a child to remove the pine sap!

Recently was on a birding tour where at night we would go over the group checklist. Older eyes and lack of everyone having headlamps made this a bit of a challenge. One solution was ambient light from a hack using one flashlight, one water bottle, one elastic band, and one serviette as a diffuser.

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