Life List how to select preferred photo

I have just discovered the life list function. But when the auto generated list chooses among my multiple observations of the same species, it sometimes does not choose my preferred picture. *Can i select my preferred observation or photo? (In one case i had multiple observations, one of which was sound only . It chose that one and used the generic photo rather than one of mine.)


For clarity, are you using the old life list (the one that appears under “Your lists”), or the new life list feature (the one that appears with the iNat bird and the message “Check out your new and improved Life List!”)?

If it is the former, I believe that it defaults to the most recent observation you have made of that taxon, but I personally am not sure if or how the display photo can be changed

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You can’t control the photos used in any list. There is no user interface to interact with them.


Thanks. I was using the former— the old list. It appears to use the the first observation. Let me see if i can figure out how to find and use the updated version.

Too bad. But at least this means i was not overlooking a menu button somewhere.

Hi again, now the life list is not using my photos at all, but generic ones. How can i correct this?

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