Limit available "Agree" buttons specifically in the activity feed

There has been previous discussion of folks using the “agree” feature in unexpected ways. On recurring issue is observers agreeing to all identifications, perhaps as a way to acknowledge the identifiers, sometimes in reverse chronological order with hilarious results. The only way I know how this could happen is via the activity feed:

All other instances that I am aware of (feed in the Android app, view of individual observations on the website, even the identify modal) show only one “agree” button next to the first identifier making that suggestion:

If the extra “Agree” buttons in the activity feed were removed, people would perhaps be less likely to misunderstand the purpose of this button.

I don’t think they will be less likely to misunderstand it, but certainly the annoying impact of their misunderstanding (the quickfire multiple IDs) will be reduced. To some extent having that happen helps to highlight that the button IS being misunderstood!