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I assume a layout including the main iNat header isn’t feasible and/or desired since it muddles up 2 different accounts/search areas (iNat and Discourse) as well as presents continuity issues for those using iNat Network sites:

or simplified:

But maybe even simpler:
or the briefer “Back to [bird icon]” / Return to “bird icon”


i like this last option the most, but i’ve been using the link to iNaturalist in the footer at the bottom of the iNatForum pages for now.


Huh. Where is that?


if i scroll all the way down to the bottom of the iNatForum pages, i see a line that these links: · Community Guidelines · Terms of Service · Privacy Policy

unfortunately, it is obscured if you have the text input pane up.


Ah, I see now. Those links aren’t there in the Dark theme, just the Light theme. The Dark theme ends with “Want to read more? Browse other topics…”

I never noticed this before. Thanks!


how strange! that seems to defy logical UI development practices. i guess there’s a bias against those who have chosen the dark side.


Maybe just a bug in our implementation, we can investigate next week.

After a bit of use it would also be cool if not only was there a prominent link back to iNat in the header, but links from forum profiles to iNat profiles. As I’m interacting with other members in this new way the discussions sometimes leave me feeling “this person seems pretty cool, I’d like to go see what they’ve observed.” So I absentmindedly click on their username and get their forum profile, which does not achieve that purpose. Then I realize my mistake and navigate to iNaturalist and then run a search on their username to find them on iNat. Would links from forum profiles to iNat profiles be possible? It just makes sense to me, as our activity on both sites is fundamentally linked.


theoretically, you could use a different account name in iNatForum than you do over at iNaturalist. i guess you could even claim a name on iNatForum that someone else uses at iNaturalist. probably no one would do that though, right?

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To be mobile friendly something like this would work for me too:

I agree that this is a possibility. I’m new to iNat, but I am surprised that the forum is so separate a site from iNat proper. Of course this has much to do with the backbone being Discourse, but it’s a bummer that all the content here on the forum is so detached from our profiles on iNat.
…how else am I gonna show all my badges??

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Not high priority, but @tiwane can you add the footer to the dark theme?

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Looks like you when in Firefox. It looks like that is browser dependant. But your FAQ ended up in a different place than mine. Also interesting that the Guideline do not show up:


and now it is back to normal in firefox…

Actually, someone did! Check out the confusion here:

(it’s been a while since that post, but i think i was shooting for subtle snarkiness in the part you quoted.)

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