Update hamburger menu on forum with more useful links


The hamburger menu on the forum currently links to About, FAQ, and Keyboard Shortcuts.

  • “FAQ” currently links to the iNat Terms of Service, but it would be great if it could link to the actual iNat FAQ/Help page instead
  • I don’t think the TOS needs to be in the hamburger menu, and could just remain linked to in the footer and under About>Terms of Service
  • Link to the Forum Guidelines?
  • Link to iNaturalist.org dashboard?
  • anything else?

I was able to correct the FAQ link and remove the TOS link, but not the others.


OK, those have been added. Thank you, @kueda, for finding the very easy tool for this.


Thanks for those improvements. I somehow missed this thread when it started, so didn’t add any suggestions before. If it’s not too late, a couple other items would be great (as discussed in this thread: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/forum-faq-missing/11022):

  • A link to a forum FAQ (does one exist?) instead of, or in addition to, the link to the iNat FAQ. If there isn’t a local forum FAQ, maybe a link to the Discourse FAQ.
  • A “Help” or “HowTo” link that goes to explanations about how to use the forum, something like the Discourse new users guide.