Link opens to a different observation in app than in browser

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Platform (Android, iOS, Website): Android

App version number, if a mobile app issue (shown under Settings or About):
1.25.12 (527)
Browser, if a website issue (Firefox, Chrome, etc) : Chrome

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Step 1: the URL ( was in a comment on another observation. I clicked the link in the comment from the app, and the phone asked if I wanted to open it with the app or the browser.

Step 2: I chose to open the link with the app and found it goes to an incorrect observation, an Erodium instead of a Quercus.


where is the comment that contains the link? (if it’s in another observation, which observation?)

just for reference, the Erodium observation appears to be

btw – i’ll log it officially as a bug later, but i noticed that if i open an observation in the Android app from a link, when i scroll down to look at the UUID, it’s blank. but if i find it from the explore page in the app, the UUID shows up.

Comment is on

hmmm… i can’t reproduce what you’re describing.

Now that the Quercus observation has a new comment containing a link, that link opens to the same Erodium as well.

does any link to an iNat observation take you to the same observation?

for example, if you click on the link below in this forum post on your phone, does it take you to the correct observation?

when you have the observation open in the app, you’ll also see that it has an identification that includes a note with at link to another observation. if you click on that link, does it take you to the correct observation?

When I’m looking at the forum I’m on mobile Chrome and not in the iNaturalist app; links here open in new Chrome tabs by default and I don’t know how to ask this link to open with the app instead. So I am not able to test that.

However my gallwasp observation which started this bug report now has an ID containing the link and it opens correctly.

hmmm…ok. i don’t have any additional ideas then, other than to send log files to staff to let them see what the app is doing.

In the app, if I hit the view in iNaturalist tab - it sends me to a different observation IF I’m not logged into web version. If I log in, go back to the app and repeat, it sends me to the correct observation.

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That didn’t work for me, but thanks for your help.

i can’t reproduce this, but i still can’t reproduce arboretum_amy’s bug either. i do see some flakiness when i try to open links in comments in observations in the app, but the behavior i see is that sometimes when i click on the links, they take me to the correct observations, or else they don’t do anything. the those latter cases, i can either reload the observation and try the link again, or i can highlight the link, and then click on it, and usually that then allows me to go to the linked observation.

Which version of Android OS is your device using? Android’s made some recent changes for “default apps” to open when clicking on a link and that’s caused some problems - mostly with people who click on links from their daily email update. We made some changes on our end that should fix it (but may not), but you might also need to make sure iNat is the default app for the domain.

If you go to your device’s Settings, go to default apps, then go to iNaturalist, it should look somehting like this. Is this similar to what you see?

It’s Android version 10. The settings page looks like this:

I fiddled with things and didn’t get any change. Although if I tell it not to open links in the app and to open them in Chrome instead, Chrome opens them correctly, but I knew that.

What happens if you tap on “Go to supported URLs”?

Just a small menu

Here are the supported URLs

If I’m experiencing this issue with links from my daily email update, should I submit a new bug report or is there already a thread where I can troubleshoot my issue?

WE still need more info about this bug, as I can’t replicate it any longer. Please don’t make a new bug report if the bug you’re experiencing is the same as the one described here. Just use this one, or email

What we need is, after you experience the issue:

  • screenshots of the default app settings from your phone for iNaturalist.

  • the observation you keep being taken to.

  • log files from the app. To send log files, go to the About tab in the app and tap three times on the version number. You will then have the option to email the log files to us.

Thank you. Information requested and logs sent to help email.

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OK, I could finally replicate the issue and I made a github bug report:

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