Link to incorrect Wikipedia article

The taxon page for Metopius (ichneumonid genus) links to a Wikipedia article on a Spanish bishop called Metopius, not to a page for the wasp genus.

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Not seeing a page for this genus, so I removed the link. Feel free to create one and we can link to it.

In the future, flag the taxon for curation rather then using the forum if you see this happen again. Thanks!

Cheers Cassi. Sorry for that, should’ve just removed it myself.

Ah yeah, as a curator, all you have to do is edit, uncheck the box where it says “Auto description”, then save:

I’d prefer to draft up a quick Wikipedia page rather than disable it, but I’m about to head outside. :)

Thanks for that :) @jonathan142 if you have the time would you be able to rustle up a quick page?