The "About" article for Chelidonium describes the wrong genus

To reproduce open and click on the “About” tab.
Observe that the Wikipedia citation is about a genus of plants in the poppy family while the URL shows the longhorn beetles of a genus with the same name.

In fact I couldn’t find a Wikipedia article about the Chelidonium in English. There are several pages in different languages and some of them even point to the wrong Chelidonium genus too!

Since there is no Wikipedia article, I turned it off. In general, for stuff like this it is better to go to the taxa page and use the curation / flag for curation option and enter the details there. A much larger audience of active curators will see it there.

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yeah when you see problems like this, just flag it. ive done that multiple times, gets cleaned up within a day :)

Makes sense. Will do!