Taxon page "I ate iNaturalist" and other issues for those lacking a Wikipedia article

On the taxon page, for a subspecies, clicking the “About” gives the “oops I ate iNaturalist …”:

But interesting other things happen:

  • the taxonomy tab now becomes central aligned,
  • the taxonomy now becomes colour coded
  • The maps are now offset by a few degrees -

This does not affect other tabs, only the specific tab with the problem.

This bug seems to “work” for all subspecies: e.g.
(to activate, click the “About” tab.)

(using Chrome, Windows 7 Enterprize)

I think it is more generic than the ssp’s and related to when there is no Wikipedia article.

This genus page, which I just turned off the auto Wikipedia linking since there is no article is displaying the same behaviour.

And this may or may not be related, but after it comes up, parts of the taxonomy breadcrumbs trail at the top are now appearing in red (probably same issue as Tony reported on the taxonomy tab itself)

Thanks for the report, we’re investigating.

OK, this should be fixed now. Let us know if you see it still happening anywhere.

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