Links to individual comments use the wrong anchor ID

Platform: website


Description of problem:

Step 1: Click on the date of a comment, e.g. the “2y” next to “garth_harwood commented”.

Step 2: The website navigates to

Step 3: However, “activity_comment_2817592” is not an anchor within the page, so the browser displays the page from the top, not from the desired comment.

Step 4: Using Chrome’s ‘element inspector’ (ctrl-shift-i, then click on the “Elements” tab), I was able to find that the actual anchor is “activity_comment_aa5aed0f-5105-4991-96f2-86d7ed04938a”.

Step 5: The following manually constructed URL does the right thing:

This is the URL that should have been linked when clicking on “2y”.