Links to individual comments use the wrong anchor ID

Platform: website


Description of problem:

Step 1: Click on the date of a comment, e.g. the “2y” next to “garth_harwood commented”.

Step 2: The website navigates to

Step 3: However, “activity_comment_2817592” is not an anchor within the page, so the browser displays the page from the top, not from the desired comment.

Step 4: Using Chrome’s ‘element inspector’ (ctrl-shift-i, then click on the “Elements” tab), I was able to find that the actual anchor is “activity_comment_aa5aed0f-5105-4991-96f2-86d7ed04938a”.

Step 5: The following manually constructed URL does the right thing:

This is the URL that should have been linked when clicking on “2y”.


Comment links have now been updated to use the UUIDs, so in your example above, the new URL is now, correctly,

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