URLs in observation discussion link to an iNat-user named 'URL'

Platform: Website

Browser: Browser-independent (true for Firefox and Safari)

URLs (aka web addresses) of any relevant observations or pages:

Description of problem:

Klicking on one of the two URLs in this thread links to the iNat-user’s ‘URL’ observation page. The URLs itself are working and I cannot replicate this issue when copy+pasting the comments into another observation

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The text in the body of the comment is mis-formatted. I think probably we’d have to ask the user how they entered the URL while they were composing the comment to figure out what went wrong. It’s possible they made a mistake while entering the URL.

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Might be hyperlinked. Like this: URL

I can replicate this consistently. It seems to happen if you use the “Add a link” tool on the toolbar when you’re writing a comment, then put the URL where you should put the text, and put nothing where you should put the URL (leaving it as “(url)” which is how the “Add a link” tool inserts it).

I marked this solved since it’s not a bug, but rather a mistake by the commenter.