List all Tags in use

When creating a classical project there are questions which some one can create
the questions show up in a list where others can choose existing fields to add them to their project
so there exist a list with fields

what i would like to get is a similar list with all available Tags used on inaturalist
maybe even a tag cloud if it does not use resources at the enduser side but for sure a list… just linked tags… if you click a tag a search will open by tag

else everyone has to guess what others may use to tag stuff
one may use vit. A, another vitamine A, another vitamin A, the next just A, and so on… so a tag list would be really awesome!
Maybe even sortable by Alphabetic order or usage count.

If it really should be non plus ultra… ability to combine tags… so one can search for vitamin in combination with fruit and red … so if tags all vitamins get listed out of them all in fruits but only red fruits
i hope you get a picture

thanks any way

@jokkomarat - I edited your post a bit to clarify some things that were not coming through translation well. But if I got anything wrong, please feel free to clarify further.

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I think its clear… you did a good job jdmore :D Thanks

My i add a second wish to this topic
when opening a observation i see all kind of information but also here not tag list
In example i did a worldwide search for the tag… toxic
i did just open some random observation, it was a carrot
i was wondering if this person has used also other tags on his carrot
but there is no way to see his tags… not even the toxic one that broght me to this carrot
i dont want to edit his tags… but i would like to see what tags he uses on his carrot beside of toxic
this would realy be interesting… to see tags in use in general or specific on an observation, but the observator should be the only one who can edit his tags else it gets a mess, but with a list he can join his observations with others who use same tags if they like to use same tags.

Are you using the phone app or the web site? On the web site, if there are any Tags, they are listed toward the lower right of the page (you may have to scroll down to see them). Each one links to a search for all observations with the same Tag. Here is an example of one of mine:

If you can send the URL of the carrot observation, we can look at why the “toxic” Tag is not visible. To the best of my knowledge, Tags added by users are always visible to other users, but cannot be changed or added by other users.

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here the toxic carrot
i do not see tags… maybe i am blind … i did search the page from down to top on both sides
the interface is german and i use the website at the moment
ctrl+f does not find the title tag or tags and the word … toxic… does only appear in this note

when you search for tags, you are also searching for occurrences in the description. For this reason it is a good idea to think carefully about your choice of tag use.


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So yes, in this case, the observation came up in your search on “toxic” because that word is included in the observation description. There are no Tags on this observation, which is why you do not see any listed.

To do a specific search for a Tag, it needs to look like this:

You have to add &search_on=tags to the URL manually - it is not supported by the standard filter windows.


this brings up a other problem about which i plan to open a topic…

i have some observations and some are same species and some of them have a note and some do not
now i would like to search for all of a kind with note
copy the best note i did
and batch edit all of the same species without note and apply the note on them or at least all which do not have a specific note, if they have a specific note i would may manualy filter them out and add the best note on them

like one observation may hase the note
a deer was on the way
but a other observation of deer has not note
and again a observation has a note like… deers are shy
now i would like to apple… deers are shy on all my deer observations… but to the deer which was on the way i would like to add it additionaly
so if i open a observation about deers i always know they are shy but one was maybe additionaly on the way and a other one may was eating some thing.

but i found not way to filter my obserwations without notes
also if i filter all deers i get no hint in the result list about if they have a note or not

but if notes and tags get mixed in search results… my eyes are rolling

may i have a observation where i have a note that says…do not put this into salad
but on other plants i have tags with salad
and if i search for salad plants appear which do not belong to salad
this gives me headache

and as you say its a good idea to think carefully about tags… so still a big tag-list would be awesome… not only to get the best tag but also just to explore new informations… may there is such a list and there is some thing like vitamin a or vitamin b and maybe just by random i see the tag fat … may i would click it just to see what it contains and maybe it would be a fat cow or a plant to loose fat… it would be interessting
so some how a big tag list would realy be helpful and i realy think tags and notes schould not get mixed … else i can write my tags into the notes so i can see them as i do not see them else where… but then what is the tag functionality for… i cant see them, at least not in the german version on the carrot above, may he uses tags or maybe it was because he used the word toxic in the note … its in short very irritating

OK your magic link seems to work :D

some times i use double word tags, like … vitamin A, red, tree fruit, fruit, tree,
so i guess i need some %?? hack to replace the space between vitamin and A
so this is already very helpful but not satisfying ;)

and still a list with all tags in use would be awesome
if i see in the list under V as Vitamin the entry vitamin A i would also use it, but if there is a tag Vitamine A i may would use the one with the higher tag count or both… this is maybe good to people who search the same vitamin A in different languages … but if there is a big list with Vit. A i may would join this tag because it seems to be multilang
but how do i know what people use if there is no list?

tags are kind of an informal thing… the functionality is provided, but I don’t think it is intended to be very powerful. I agree though, it would be nice to do these things! Perhaps talking more about them here will show the developers there is the support for it!

If you are mainly looking at a way to update your own observations, you can export them as a csv, and then in a spreadsheet you can do the specific filtering and sorting you are looking for. Then you just copy the ID# for the observation you want to change over the top of the ID# in any url of an observation view, press enter, and it will show your record, ready to be changed as you wish.

With respect to the url spaces, I find that Chrome will cleaverly figure out that there are space and substitute them for me. Try it and see if your browser does the same? Otherwise just change the spaces with %20


Yes this is exactly why i have opened this topic… to reach the developers some how ;) ant to let them know, i would use additional tag functionality if they can some how magicaly provide it.

and thanks for the cvs suggestion, this sounds like a good possible workaround
and yes exactly this %20 was what i meant
Thanks for giving a hand and helping me out :D

I will try to deal with the informations which both of you gave to me
i have to try and study what i can do now with it … may i find interessting things =D

Closing this request, we don’t plan to move forward with it.