Searching on a tag fails when you include a person's Id

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Firefox on Windows 10

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Description of problem:
I’m trying to search for the tag Leaf Miner and that works until I specify a user like myself @irag and then it doesn’t work. I know I made two observations and they should show up.

Step 1: Explore

Step 2: Add Leaf Minor tag to Search filter at Description / Tags

Step 3: Add Person. I added irag here and got nothing so I thought the problem was with Your Observations so I changed it to susanhewitt who I know has IDed many and her observations came up, and I clicked on one whose title did not mention leaf miners and there was no Leaf Miner tag. If I leave the Person blank, then I get lots of hits (most are Susan Hewitt which is not really surprising).

Can you link to observations of yours that you think this search should return?

Just to clarify, the box labelled Description/Tags searches more than just the description and tags. It also searches on taxon names and on the text description of a place.
If you would like to search only on tags, you should use this search URL:


Ok. I see that I confused tags with observation fields. I don’t know how. Anyway, is there a way to search on an Observation Field? And while your search turned up a tagged observation, I don’t know how to add a tag to this observation which has a Leaf Miner observation field.

Tags can only be added to your own observations.

The easiest way to search observation fields is to click on that observation field in an observation that uses it and follow the link:

You can also construct your own URL. So gives you observations with a Yes in the Leaf Miner observation field. Just change the text after the colon to find a different observation field.

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Thanks! I’ve saved that URL and understand what you did. Its perfect. Can a URL be constructed to find observations of a certain genus or species that do not have an observation field?
And should I close out this bug report?

No, there is currently no way to search for observations without an observation field. But there is an open feature request that you can vote for.
We’ve been leaving bug report threads open, but marking them solved. This one is already marked solved, so I don’t think it needs to be closed.

Thanks. I voted. Its something I’ve always felt was lacking.

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We’ve actually been closing solved bug reports - sometimes a user will have a related issue and add to a solved topic, but it turns out to be a different bug, so it should be its own topic.

If a bug report was closed too soon, they can always send a message to @ forum_moderators so someone can reopen it.